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The RokLienz have always dreamed big, ever since they were young! After getting together and forming the ultimate band, they have begun to play concerts all over the galaxy! Join them on their travels and create the best concert for each planet!

Become the RokLienz' music video director! Make your RokLienz float through the air or throw them across the screen and watch as they come to life and play solos through the power of you fingertips. Dress up the characters, pick their instruments, and record videos of your well-dressed RokLienz jamming on their instruments.

Make sure to share your music videos to the rest of the world!

RokLienz: Rok Out Concert! FEATURES:

  • * Free to play!
  • * Play with 4 different rok'n characters for free!
  • * Customize your band members in the dressing room!
  • * Unlock more songs as you play!
  • * Perform in other planets and a variety of sets as a background!
  • * Record your own music video, play it back, and share it with all your friends!

An iOS app for all devices

The crowd goes wild!! You're on stage rokin' out with your favorite Rokin' Alienz when suddenly your RIVALS crash your show! THEY CHALLENGE YOU TO A BATTLE. Will you win? Will you defend your RokLienz title as "Best Band in the Universe"?!?!

Following their rokin' debut with RokLienz: Rok Out Concert!, the RokLienz will go on tour and compete in The Galactic Grooves Battle of the Bands! The RokLienz have picked you to help them become the "Best Band in The Universe!"

Join the RokLienz on their epic adventure traveling the cosmos, kicking' out sweet beats, and making fans move their feet (or tentacles)!

RokLienz: On Tour! FEATURES:

  • * Free to play!
  • * 3 different planets!
  • * 9 original, out-of-this-world songs by 3 different RokLienz!
  • * 36 total levels!
  • * Unlock more goodiez and power-upz as you play with in-game currency earned by being AWESOME!
  • * Interactive, challenging, and very fun beat-based game!